The Berkshire Woodworkers Guild is a not-for-profit association of professional and amateur woodworkers.

Our members come from a range of backgrounds and experience. They include cabinet makers, boat builders, sculptors, house builders, suppliers of wood products, wood turners, makers of musical instruments, and more.  We reach common ground in our interest in fine woodworking on a professional level and woodworking as an enjoyable hobby. We're interested in the work of others, in exchanging ideas and techniques, in learning more about woodworking, and in helping one another with advice on skills. We are a supportive group, welcoming new members to join with those who have been part of the Guild for many years.

We sponsor a scholarship program for those wishing to become professional woodworkers and designers.

Browse through our MEMBER SHOWCASE - a listing of members, work samples and contact information.

To contact us, please contact our President, Jim Law at undermountainjointers@gmail.com or 413-229-5935, or our Treasurer, Lou Levine at levinelou@gmail.com or 413-229-3618.