We are a custom kitchen and furniture shop specializing in high quality woodworking and millwork. our craftsmanship, flexibility and attention to detail are evident in all we do.

In 1997, after spending over 30 years as an accomplished “finish” carpenter, Jim decided to leave carpentry and pursue his dream of becoming a furniture maker. Jim began his journey by going to work for Ian Ingersoll of Cornwall, CT, where he had the opportunity to train under some of the most talented craftsmen of the Northeast.  For ten years, Jim honed his skills as a furniture maker. Jim’s vision was to combine the techniques and training utilized in furniture making and incorporate those skills to create truly beautiful, long lasting, and high quality custom cabinets found on the market today.

Jim founded Undermountain Jointers in 2005. The name is a tribute to the business that Jim’s family owned and operated during his formative years, “Undermountain Orchard.”  On this beloved orchard,  Jim learned the life lessons of hard work, dedication, and more hard work. Stop in the shop and check out what Jim’s working on and you’ll see and “hear” what I mean. JAMES LAW


707 North Main Street, Route 7
Sheffield, MA
Email: undermountainjointers@gmail.com
Website: undermountainjointers.com