Warren Vienneau was born in Berkshire County, Massachusetts, surrounded by the beautiful rolling hills where he still lives today. In 1980 he began his career as an artist, and has since flourished as a professional woodturner. He is strongly influenced by the natural form that he sees existing in the materials he uses. Blending smooth turned lines with the voids and natural edges which are characteristic of the different burl woods is his trademark.


“My focus as an artist is to create a finished piece which shows the work of my hand while preserving some of the natural existing beauty that was already there. The excitement of revealing colors, figure and form hidden beneath the rugged surfaces keeps my enthusiasm alive.”


Warren's work is represented in prestigious galleries throughout the US and internationally. Each signed piece is of heirloom quality and will enrich your home and add charm to your décor.


146 Ridge Avenue
Pittsfield, MA 01201